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Special cake

If you are looking for a special cake, you have come to the right place. We bake your cake according to your wishes, figure cakes, tiered cakes, cake with a modeled figure and much more. Email your wishes to us and we will fix the rest!


10 pieces: 750 SEK (75:-/bit)

15 pieces: 975 SEK (65:-/bit)

20 pieces: 1100 SEK (55:-/bit)

20 pieces & up: 55 kr/bit

Stacked tier cake: 69 SEK/bit (15 pieces is the smallest number)


We have several different flavors to choose from, combine your favorite flavors or choose one of our standard cakes.
Our different flavors of bottoms and mousses
Vanilla sponge cake base
Chocolate sponge cake base
White chocolate "brownie" cake base (in the bottom layer)
Dark chocolate "brownie" cake base (in the bottom layer)
Passion fruit mousse
Raspberry mousse
Dark chocolate mousse
White chocolate mousse
Strawberry mousse
Blueberry mousse
Vanilla mousse
Hazelnut "Nougat" mousse
Caramel mousse
Lemon mousse
Different kinds of jam
Popular flavor combinations:

Raspberries & white chocolate
Raspberry & Lemon
Passion fruit & dark chocolate
Passion fruit & hazelnut
Blueberries & vanilla
Stacked tier cake:

The cakes are stacked on top of each other with cake trays between the floors and support sticks inside in either plastic or chocolate (an extra cost of 2 SEK/piece is added when choosing chocolate). The cake is first covered with buttercream and then covered in marzipan or sugar paste. The minimum number of pieces on a tier cake is 15 pieces.


2 tier cake: 15 pieces and up
3 tier cake: 25 pieces and up
4 tier cake: 45 pieces and up

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