Cupcakes with decoration, from 10 pcs

360.00 kr

10 cupcakes with decoration in marzipan. Cupcakes with frosting and decoration in the theme you want. Choose the taste of cupcakes and write the desired theme in the message box. You can also email pictures if you want something more specific to


Ingredients cupcakes:

wheatflour, egg, sugar, milk, rapeseed oil, baking powder (E450, E500, potato starch), vanilla sugar (sugar, flavor: ethylvanillin, vanillin), salt.

When choosing berry cupcakes also raspberries or blueberries.

When choosing chocolate also milk chocolate (sugar, wholemilkpowder, cocoa butter, cake pulp, caramel sugar, emulsifiers: soyalecithin, vanilla extract / cocoa 34%), dark chocolate (cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter, emulsifier: soyalecithin, vanilla extract / cocoa: 60%)

Ingredients frosting: cream cheese (pasteurized milk, salt, acid culture, iron enzyme), icing sugar, margarine (palm SG *, coconut), water, rapeseed oil, emulsifier (E471, E322, E475), salt, lemon juice, natural aroma), vanilla sugar (sugar, aroma: ethylvanillin, vanillin ), crème fraîche (highly pasteurized whipped cream, acidification culture).

SG * Segregated palm - Certified and sustainably produced


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