Chocolate dream

195.00 kr

Chocolate dream is a cake for the chocolate lover. Chocolate sponge cake bases, vanilla cream, chocolate wipped cream, marzipan and chocolate glaze. On the edge, it is planed dark chocolate and the cake is decorated with a marzipan rose.

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Ingredients: egg, whipped cream, sugar, wheatflour, cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter, emulsifiers (E472b, soyalecithin, E477 (milk)), cocoa powder, water, glucose, wheatstarch, milkprotein, gelatin (pig), baking powder (E450), glucose syrup, bicarbonate (E500), salt, flavoring (vanillin), modified starch (potatoes), foammilkpowder, vegetable oil (coconut), thickener E401, vanilla bean, dye E160a

Marzipan (sugar, almond, glucose syrup, sorbitol, water, syrup, dye (E171), stabilizer (E418, invertase), preservative (E202), flavor


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