Cakepops with sprinkles or simple marzipan decor, from 10 pcs

260.00 kr

Cakepops with sprinkles/pearls or simple marzipan decor. Choose your favorite from our flavors: oreo, swidish kladdkaka (sticky cake), carrot cake or chocolate ball. Write in the description how you want the cake pops to look.


Ingredients: All cake pops are dipped in white chocolate: sugar, cocoa butter, dry wholemilk, emulsifiers: soyalecithin, natural vanilla flavor. Possibly dyes depending on color choice.

Swedish kladdkaka: sugar, egg, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, cocoa, wheatflour, palm oil, freshcheese (pasteurized milk, salt, acid culture, cheese enzyme), rapeseed oil, water, aroma vanillin, baking powder (E500, E450), potato starch, salt, vegetable fatty acids, emulsifiers (soyalecithin)

Oreo: flour, sugar, palm oil, rapeseed oil, freshcheese (pasteurized milk, salt, acidification culture, cheese enzyme), fat-reduced cocoa 4.5%, wheat starch, glucose syrup, baking powder (potassium carbonates, ammonium carbonates, sodium carbonates), salt, emulsifiers (soyalecithin, solroslecithin), aroma

Chocolate ball: butter (pasteurized whipped cream, salt), sugar, oats, flour, egg, freshcheese (pasteurized milk, salt, acid culture, iron enzyme), cocoa, coconut, coffee, vanilla powder

Carrot cake: carrot, sugar, egg, flour, butter (pasteurized whipped cream, salt), freshcheese (pasteurized milk, salt, acid culture, iron enzyme), cinnamon, bicarbonate, vanilla sugar, cardamom


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